The Victorian Government Rent Relief Grant (External link)provides direct financial support to renters by making a contribution towards the cost of their rent directly to their landlord on their behalf. The payment is based on the rent the tenant is liable to pay after negotiating a rent reduction with their landlord.

Multiple single applicants in one tenancy, where they are each listed on the tenancy agreement, are eligible for one grant each. A couple is eligible for only one grant.

Eligible applicants can receive a maximum payment of $2,000 where they are paying more than 30% of their income in rent, and this requires more than $77 per week to reduce their rent to below 30% of income. The $2,000 maximum grant may not fully address rental stress over six months for all eligible applicants, depending on their income and the rent they pay. For those requiring less than $77 per week to be out of rental stress, the grant will provide a pro-rata amount to avoid rental stress for 6 months.