August 8th, 2023
The Victorian Commissioner for Residential Tenancies, Dr Heather Holst, warmly congratulates Trina Jones on her appointment as the first Rental Commissioner for New South Wales. 
October 18th, 2022
The Aboriginal Private Rental Access Project (APRAP) seeks to address systemic problems and other access barriers Aboriginal people encounter in accessing private rental.
June 1st, 2022
The Commissioner for Residential Tenancies has appointed five new members to the Renters Advisory Group. They will contribute to the Commissioner’s work to make better rental polices, laws and programs for Victorian renters.
April 5th, 2022
The 2020-21 Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA) Annual Report reveals 8 per cent of Victorian renters lost all their bond last year, while 24 per cent farewelled part of it. A number of support services are available to help renters get their bond back.
February 7th, 2022
The independent review panel looking at the settings and implementation of regulation of Victoria's social and affordable housing has released its Interim Report, which is now available for public consultation.
November 5th, 2021
Find out more about the rental sector in Victoria.
August 17th, 2021
The Victorian Government has established a new Anti-Racism Taskforce to guide the development of a new state-wide Anti-Racism Strategy to address racism in Victoria.
August 17th, 2021
Tenants Victoria has updated its Family Violence Protection Tenancy Kit to reflect changes to the laws around family violence protection.
August 17th, 2021
The latest Homes Victoria Rental Report for March quarter 2021 is now available.
March 3rd, 2021
Visit the independent Victorian Government energy price comparison site.