Following her appointment, the Commissioner consulted widely to identify key issues affecting renters in Victoria. Some of the key issues raised were:

  • discrimination against particular groups of renters applying for a property to rent
  • the poor condition of some properties at the start of a tenancy
  • getting repairs to the property during a tenancy
  • the right to modify a property - essential for some renters - to make a house feel like a home
  • evictions of disadvantaged renters
  • overcrowding and the rights of renters in illegal rooming houses
  • renters not understanding or exercising their rights to take action to resolve disputes, or fearing the consequences if they do
  • renters not attending hearings at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

The Commissioner will initially focus on how the key issues affect renters in:

  • specialist disability accommodation
  • community housing
  • student accommodation
  • rooming houses
  • caravan and residential parks.

The Commissioner will also take an interest in implementation of the rental reforms. 

At the end of each year the Commissioner will publish a summary of the systemic and community-wide issues identified, and the action taken.