New ANU research shows impact of COVID19 on renters.

A new paper by researchers at the Centre for Social Research & Methods at the ANU has shown the impact of COVID-19 on tenants’ ability to pay their rent. The paper analysis survey data taken in May 2020 from a representative sample of the Australian population.

Some key findings from the paper are:

  • Just over one in four renters (26.9 per cent) had rent payment problems (had not been able to pay their rent in time).
  • Only about 27% of renters who had rent payment problems tried to negotiate a lower rent. Most renters with rent payment problems did not attempt to negotiate any reduction.
  • And only about 10% of all renters said that they were successful in reducing their rent payments.
  • About 3% of all renters had requested early termination of their lease.

You can read more here (External link)

We are always keen to hear about the everyday experience of being a renter. How has COVID-19 affected you? You can tell us your story here (External link)so we can make sure Government knows what it’s really like!