The Commissioner and her team will consult widely with renters, advocates and other stakeholders across the private rental sector to identify and act on systemic and community-wide issues. 

We are committed to working with a broad range of stakeholders to understand all aspects of the issues facing renters. We will use co-operation and collaboration to find practical and shared solutions to issues. 

We will interact with:

  • renters and the public generally
  • community stakeholders supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged renters, including advocacy groups and housing and legal service agencies 
  • residential rental providers (landlords and property owners)
  • property managers (estate agents) and property industry associations
  • government departments and agencies
  • other experts in tenancy law and the rental sector such as academics and research organisations. 

Our engagement with these stakeholders will be:

  • purposeful and effective
  • transparent
  • inclusive
  • timely and responsive
  • respectful.

Our stakeholder strategy sets out the mechanisms we will use to engage with stakeholders over the next four years. The formal mechanisms will include groups of renters and other stakeholders.

Download the Commissioner for Residential Tenancies 2019-2022 Stakeholder Engagement Strategy (Word, 159KB).

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