Ongoing data sources

Rental Report 

The rental report provides key statistics on the private rental market in Victoria.

Rental Report - Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (External link).

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare housing data portal

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has established a web portal that consolidates housing data from a number of different sources.

View the portal (External link).

Healthy Housing

Healthy Housing CRE (Healthy Housing | NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence) (External link)


Published reports

Is it liveable? (February 2024)

CPRC and TV work on standards (Is it liveable? - CPRC) (External link)

The worsening rental crisis in Australia (December 2023)

Report from Federal Parliament Committee (External link)

The rental and housing affordability crisis in Victoria (November 2023)

Report from Victorian Parliament Inquiry (External link)

Regulating rents: international examples & experience (November 2023)

Macquarie University Report (External link)

Poverty and Australian housing: findings from an Investigative Panel (October 2023)

AHURI final report (External link)

Mapping Australia’s older, low-income renters (August 2023)

AHURI final report (External link)

At What Cost? The price renters pay to use RentTech (April 2023)

Choice report (External link)

Rental Affordability Snapshot (April 2023)

Anglicare report (External link)

Sweaty and Stressed - Renting in an Australian Summer (March 2023)

Better Renting report (External link)

Regulation of residential tenancies and impacts on investment (November 2022)

Chris Martin et al report for AHURI on the impact of regulation on the rental sector (Regulation of residential tenancies and impacts on investment | AHURI) (External link)

The impact of the pandemic on the rental sector (October 2022)

AHURI Final Report (External link)

Aboriginal Private Rental Access Project (APRAP) (November 2021)

The Aboriginal Private Rental Access Project (APRAP) seeks to address systemic problems and other access barriers Aboriginal people encounter in accessing private rental. View the full report and recommendations.

Victorian renters struggle to afford food and risk eviction (March 2021)

The pandemic’s toll on renters has been laid bare in a new survey that shows tenants are going without meals or medication to keep a roof over their heads. Read more about the survey (External link)

Vulnerable Private Renters: Evidence and Options (September 2019)

The Productivity Commission has recently released a report on vulnerable renters in the private sector in Australia. Read the Vulnerable Private Renters: Evidence and Options report (External link).