The Commissioner’s vision is for the voice and rights of renters to be recognised and protected.


The Commissioner’s mission is to champion the rights of Victorian renters. 


Three principles underpin the Commissioner’s approach:

  • Distinct voice – The Commissioner will be a vigorous advocate for the rights of renters, a champion of their lived experiences, and an honest and trusted broker on their behalf. She has a clear role that will complement the functions and services of government and community agencies operating in the private rental sector.
  • Have impact – The Commissioner will thoughtfully select issues and considerations to be pursued, be a respected voice that promotes knowledge and the sharing of information across rental sector stakeholders and be acknowledged for her persistent effort.
  • Well-informed – The Commissioner will connect to the lived experiences of renters by drawing on extensive networks and relationships and gathering data across a range of sources and information on the private rental sector. She will feed back the information she gathers to government and stakeholders to consider and act upon.


My work focuses on three outcomes:

Outcome 1

Renters’ rights are protected and strengthened. The Commissioner exposes market practices and regulatory gaps that erode the rights of renters and progress opportunities to strengthen renters’ rights.

Outcome 2

Renters understand their rights. The Commissioner pursues opportunities to increase the knowledge and understanding by renters of their rights. 

Outcome 3

Renters exercise their rights. The Commissioner supports improved dispute resolution processes and pursues opportunities to better enable renters to exercise their rights.

Note: The term ‘renter’ on this website refers to tenants under a residential tenancy agreement, residents in rooming houses, caravans and moveable dwellings, site tenants in Part 4A parks as defined in section 3 of the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 and specialist disability accommodation residents.