Find out about Help for First Nations renters.

Do you need urgent help?


Do you need general legal or tenancy rights information or advice?

Consumer Affairs Victoria

Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) provides information and advice to renters, rental providers and property managers about renting rights and responsibilities in a property (includes rooming houses), caravan park and residential park, such as:

  • types of rental agreements
  • beginning, during and ending a lease or tenancy
  • repairs and maintenance
  • resolving disputes
  • explanation of Victorian renting laws

Phone: 1300 55 81 81 (External link) (External link)
Website: (External link) (External link)
Renting forms and publications: (External link) (External link)

To make a residential accommodation complaint or if you believe there is evidence of non-compliance with Victorian renting laws, use the General complaint form (online) (External link) (External link) 

Tenants Victoria

Provides information, confidential advice, assistance and advocacy for renters. Tenants Victoria does not give advice about disputes between co-tenants.

Phone: 9416 2577 (External link) (External link)
Website: (External link) (External link)

Victoria Legal Aid

Provides free legal information and education and legal services such as advice and representation for people who meet eligibility criteria, based on their financial situation, the nature and seriousness of their problem and their individual circumstances.

Phone: 1300 792 387 (External link) (External link)
Website: (External link) (External link)

Federation of Community Legal Centres

Provides contact details for the community centres across Victoria that provide free legal services to the public. Community legal centres focus on helping people who face economic and social disadvantage and who are ineligible for legal aid and cannot afford a private lawyer. Community legal centres provide:

  • legal information
  • initial advice
  • and in some cases ongoing assistance.

Phone: 9652 1500 (External link)
Website: (External link)


Are you on a low income or experiencing family violence?

Tenancy Assistance and Advocacy Program

Through its Tenancy Assistance and Advocacy Program (TAAP), Consumer Affairs Victoria funds community agencies to help financially disadvantaged renters with issues arising under a private rental agreement, to avoid homelessness. TAAP is also available to people experiencing family violence regardless of their financial circumstances. 

To be eligible for ongoing assistance from a TAAP local service you must be:

  • experiencing family violence


  • on a Centrelink benefit
  • with no income
  • with insufficient income to sustain personal financial commitments
  • who have defaulted on paying rent, utility bills or other personal debts 

Phone: 1800 825 955 (External link)
Website:  (External link)


Are you behind on your rent?

Justice Connect

As well as the services above, if you have missed a rent payment, Justice Connect's free online tools can help you to stay housed.

Designed for private renters in Victoria, their self-help tools will support you to understand the eviction process, your rights and your options.

Visit the Justice Connect website (External link) for more information.


Do you need help getting home repairs?

Anika Legal

As well as the services above, there is a free legal service that negotiates with rental providers or agents to help renters who need their homes repaired.

Visit the Anika Legal website (External link) for more information.


Are you an older renter?

Housing for the Aged Action Group

Specialises in the housing needs of older people. Engages and works with older people through community activism, services and advocacy to achieve social change and housing justice.

Phone: 1300 765 178 (External link)
Website: (External link)

Seniors Information Victoria

Provides free information via a volunteer-run phone line, about housing options for older people.

Phone: 1300 135 090 (External link)
Website: (External link)


Do you need help with affordable housing options?


HousingVic is a one-stop shop website to help Victorians explore housing options specific to your situation, including submit applications for private rental assistance, social housing and public housing. 

Visit the HousingVic website (External link) for more information.

DFFH Funded Homelessness Support 

The Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (DFFH) funds a number of community agencies to provide short-to-medium term housing support. Please visit the DFFH website to find the homelessness support agency in your area.



Do you think you're being discriminated against?

Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission

The Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission offers a free, fair and timely dispute resolution service, with the aim of achieving a mutual agreement. The Commission helps resolve complaints about discrimination including:

  • discrimination based on age
  • sexual harassment
  • victimisation
  • and racial or religious vilification. 

Phone: 1300 292 153 (External link)
Email: (External link)
Website:  (External link)


Do you need formal dispute resolution services?

Dispute Settlement Victoria

The Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria deals with a wide range of dispute types and also offers general advice to help if you are in a dispute. They also provide services for tenant vs tenant disputes. Their services are free and do not need a referral.  

Phone: 1300 372 888 (External link)
Email: (External link)
Website: (External link)

Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT)

The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (Residential Tenancies List) hears disputes between rental providers and renters. The Residential Tenancies List can order rental providers or renters to take action such as to make repairs or pay money. The Residential Tenancies List can also issue orders to renters and rental providers to cease an action, such as causing a nuisance. The Residential Tenancies List can also make orders about bonds or compensation.

The Residential Tenancies List is not a court, but it is able to make decisions that can be legally enforced. It is intended to be informal and accessible, and to resolve disputes quickly and fairly.  

Phone: 1300 018 228 (External link)
Website: (External link)