A key element of my role is to recognise and act on systemic and community-wide issues affecting renters that arise from the scope or coverage of their rights, laws that have a negative impact on them or the poor conduct and practices of rental providers and property managers. Where I find opportunities to strengthen the rights of renters or improve market practices, I will inform government and rental sector stakeholders for their consideration and action.

As Commissioner for Residential Tenancies I will: 

  • collaborate with stakeholders and manage a key stakeholder reference group aimed at ensuring an ongoing dialogue to hear issues and identify and explore possible options for improvement

  • connect with renters by establishing a network of renters and through digital channels to gain firsthand knowledge of the problems they experience and use that network to disseminate relevant information to renters

  • contribute to the implementation of the new rental laws through the early identification of emerging issues for renters and the provision of advice to government and stakeholders

  • pursue issues for renters across the private rental sector including in the areas of discrimination, specialist disability accommodation, community housing, student accommodation, rooming houses and caravan and residential parks

  • monitor trends impacting on the rights of renters including emerging market practices and technologies, and

  • effectively communicate and report on renter issues to influence change.

The key measures of my progress will be:

  • my identification and effective communication of issues confirmed by: the number and range of issues that renters raise with me, or that are raised on their behalf, through channels including my stakeholder reference group and renter network, the number and nature of the issues I have explored and elevated for response with government and rental sector stakeholders, and the publication of an annual summary of the systemic issues and an annual statistical snapshot of the characteristics and trends in the Victorian private rental sector, and
  • my advocacy for renters during the implementation of the new rental laws.