Not all renters exercise their rights despite many renters experiencing a dispute with their rental provider or property manager. The likelihood of a dispute arising during a tenancy is higher for vulnerable and disadvantaged renters, single parents with children at home and those paying higher weekly rents.

Renters experiencing disputes would benefit from further support to exercise their rights and respond to disputes. I will contribute to strengthening the existing support network by facilitating collaboration and closer working relationships between community agencies and with industry bodies, and by promoting opportunities to upskill general housing and specialist workers. I will contribute to further work to improve renter participation and outcomes in dispute resolution processes.

As Commissioner for Residential Tenancies I:

  • contribute to government work to strengthen dispute resolution processes and services and programs that support renters to sustain tenancies.
  • foster the development of information and advisory networks between community agencies and with industry bodies to better support renters experiencing disputes.
  • advocate for improved professional development on the rights and obligations of renters and effective dispute resolution for property managers and community housing workers who engage with renters, and
  • facilitate the exchange of advice and information across relevant areas of government.