While the rights and obligations of renters are set out in the Residential Tenancies Act, government and community agencies make information describing and explaining those rights and obligations available to renters on their websites, in printed form, and through telephone enquiry services and targeted presentations and workshops. Where I find gaps in renters’ knowledge or understanding, I look for and sponsor improvements to existing communication channels and new ways of delivering information to renters to improve both their understanding of their rights and the referral pathways available to them for support services. 

As Commissioner for Residential Tenancies I: 

  • establish and raise awareness of my role among renters and other stakeholders across the private rental sector, and provide advocacy leadership for issues arising for renters in the private rental sector in Victoria
  • promote awareness of the rights of renters including through channels such as conferences, and community and industry forums
  • identify new ways of reaching vulnerable and disadvantaged renters to increase their awareness of their rights and opportunities for support, and
  • diagnose gaps in renters’ knowledge and understanding of their rights across the various types of rental accommodation, identify systemic improvements and work with government and stakeholders to implement those improvements.