The Commissioner's role:

Rental reform is central to the role of the Commissioner. The primary purpose of the Commissioner is to work with stakeholders to identify systemic issues and make recommendations to government.

Rental reform is about changing the laws and practices that make everyday life difficult for renters. The Commissioner has committed to champion the rights of Victorian renters and to give them a voice in seeking changes to renting laws.

The Commissioner has three core outcomes she works on:

Outcome 1: Renters’ rights are protected and strengthened

Outcome 2: Renters understand their rights

Outcome 3: Renters exercise their rights

Each outcome has practical strategies designed to improve the experience and confidence of renters.

You can help the Commissioner improve renting. Real stories can make change happen. Do you have a rental experience that you want us to know about?

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See the links below to read more about the Commissioner's work in each outcome area.

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