Every renter has a unique rental story. It may be a story about a good experience or a problem you had to deal with.

Share your story, or raise issues you know about that affect your community. This will help the Commissioner to understand what is happening on the ground and to build an evidence base from renters, so that she can raise public awareness and advocate for change on your behalf.

Tell us your story (External link)

Get help to resolve a problem

The Commissioner can't help with your individual renting issues. For information about who can help individual renters, visit our Where to get help page. It lists contact details for government and community agencies.

How your story helps

A personal story is often the most powerful way to influence change to policies, laws and programs. Stories are remembered and continue to have an influence after you tell them. 

Each year we will publish a report on the issues that have been raised directly by renters, and on their behalf. We will only use the stories you have told us to illustrate particular issues. We will only do this with your agreement. If we use your story we will not include any details that identify you, such as, your name or the address of your rental property.

Telling your rental story will help identify and demonstrate the issues and concerns for renters and help make renting better for all Victorian renters.