The Stakeholder Reference Group was established to allow the Commissioner to meet with a range of rental sector stakeholders to hear and explore renting issues and experiences and to work on finding solutions to any problems faced by renters.

The Stakeholder Reference Group (SRG) comprises representatives from various organisations including tenancy advocates, community service agencies and industries bodies. The role of the SRG is to provide a forum for stakeholders to:

  1. Raise issues and exchange feedback and views in a confidential setting, 
  2. Explore identified issues including the causes and impacts for renters,
  3. Reach comprehensive and mutually agreed views on issues and potential solutions, where possible, and, 
  4. Receive reports on the matters discussed by the Renters Advisory Group, and any communities of practice established by the Commissioner.

The SRG meets four times a year, ideally once in every 3 months. The meetings are also attended by guest speakers to share their knowledge and information on any rental projects they are currently undertaking.

The terms of reference can be found below:

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