The purpose of the Renting in Victoria Snapshot 2022 (the Snapshot) is to help improve general knowledge about renting in Victoria and to correct some of the misconceptions that exist about the scale and nature of renting.

It can also assist policy makers and service providers. This edition is the third annual publication.

The Snapshot once again provides summary data about what is happening in the Victorian rental sector, utilising available data sets from:

  • the updated Australian Census
  • Residential Tenancies Bond Authority, and the main organisations renters turn to for assistance such as Tenants Victoria
  • Consumer Affairs Victoria
  • Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal
  • welfare agencies
  • community legal services.

This 2022 Snapshot continues to tell the story of how the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has impacted the lives of Victorian renters and the further changes in the sector following the pandemic which has include a period of sustained and significant rent increases.

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